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Employment Opportunity for Lateral

Application Process:
To be considered you will need to submit all

relevant certificates/certifications, a complete application and resume.

The application maybe found

on this website under the

Employment and Volunteers tab.

You may also pick one up

at the station listed below,


Pinetop Fire District
1845 S Pine Lake Rd

Pinetop, AZ 85935



Alpine Ranger District will

be burning approximately

3212 acres south of Nutrioso

Click here for the news release




Bureau of Indain Affairs

Fort Apache Agency Fire Management

in coordination with the White Mountain Apache Tribe

will be conducting prescribed

burning throughout the resevation

beginning October 17th.

For details contact

Candy Lupe, Public Information Officer

at (928) 338-5425.

For a map click here







Debris Burning...

Remember, all permits expired December 31st. You must get a new one if you want to burn leaves, pine needles and such.
All Permits are free!

International Fire Codes
The Pinetop Fire District has adopted the International Fire Code 2015, as of February 29, 2016 and amendments to the 2015 International Fire Code as of February 29, 2016. Contractors and developers, please contact our inspection department at 928-367-2199, click here for a copy of the fee schedule and amendments.

Weather outlook for the Pinetop/Lakeside area a week-at-a-glance...
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Pinetop Fire Department
Contact Us
Please remember the Info email line is NOT monitored on a daily basis. If you need immediate assistance please contact us at 928-367-2199

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