This year Pinetop Fire Department will hold three blood drives in 2015.

The first one will be March 28, 2015,

at Station 12 in the Pinetop Country Club.

Address is 5976 Buck Springs Rd.

29 slots are open and will be going fast.

If you need help signing up

contact Kelly Wood at 928-367-2199

or go to bloodhero.com to sign up.

Don't worry if you miss this one,

there will be two more chances later this year.

Thank You!


Don't be chicken, PLEASE give blood today!!!



Working Smoke Alarms

Saves Lives!!!   

Smoke alarms are probably the most single

 intricate key part of a home fire escape plan.

Click on the smoke alarm to find out more information

Did you know Smoke detectors need to be replaced every ten years,

Batteries replaced a minimum of once a year and

tested once a month?

Pinetop Fire has some extra smoke detectors donated by

Allstate Insurance, Brown and Russo & Assoc.

These will be given out on a first come basis.

Please contact Kelly Wood at 928-367-2199

Thank You





"We Will Never Forget"





Debris Burning...

Remember, all permits expired December 31st. You must get a new one if you want to burn debris, leaves, pine needles and such.
All Permits are free!

International Fire Codes
The Pinetop Fire District has adopted the International Fire Code 2006, as of December 16th 2008 and amendments to the 2006 International Fire Code as of December 21, 2010. A fee schedule was also adopted along with the fire codes. Contractors and developers, please contact our inspection department at 928-367-2199 for a copy of the fee schedule and amendments.

Weather outlook for the Pinetop/Lakeside area a week-at-a-glance...
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