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What does it mean to us as a Fire District? Fireworks can be sold in the town limits and in the County areas, under strict conditions. A permit is required by the Town of Pinetop/Lakeside and can be obtained in the town offices. However, it is ILLEGAL to light them off within the town limits and under certain conditions within the county areas. For more information contact the Pinetop Fire Marshal’s office at 928-367-2199.

This page has been set up to inform you (the consumer) of the changes to the Arizona State Law ARS-36-1601. In the last several months the towns, cities, and counties have come up with their own ordinances. Please check your local jurisdictions and fire departments to find out all the correct information.

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Please remember the Info email line is NOT monitored on a daily basis. If you need immediate assistance please contact us at 928-367-2199

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