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Blood Drive!!!

Thurs April 26, 2018

Pinetop Fire District

5976 Buck Springs Road

Station 12

In the Pinetop Country Club

For questions contact

Kelly Wood @


or go to bloodhero.com to sign up

Sponsor code pinetopfd

Thank You!!




The Pinetop Fire Departments "A" Shift with Chief Jim Morgan

and Fire Marshal Kelly Wood, along with the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside,

U.S. Forest Service, Tracks and White Mountain Open Trails Association,

Saturday May 6th performed a clean-up in part of the

Woodland Lake area, along the south side of the lake,

between the paved path and the south parking lot by the ball fields.

Together the group cut and hauled out 7 dump truck loads

of branches & slash to green waste. It was a great time for all.

Thank you for all who helped to make our park a little nicer.






Working Smoke Alarms Saves Lives




New Trail Marking System in the White Mountains!!!

The trail marking system was installed by TRACKS

For more information click here.


Smoke alarms are probably the most single

 intricate key part of a home fire escape plan.

Check them once a month and replace them every ten years!


Please contact Fire Marshal Kelly Wood

for more information at 928-367-2199

Thank You




Photos of the Community Firewise open house;

A photo album of the June 20 Community Firewise Event

are available via the following link:


Select “View as a slide show” to scroll through the pictures.

Have questions about how safe your property is or could

be in a Wildfire situation?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be more

than happy to make suggestions 

that will help you!

Contact us at 928-367-2199


All burn permits expired December 31, 2017,

Do not forget they are still free.

Renew yours today!

Lets get out there and clean up our properties


What's more Important?

Incoming Text or Oncoming Traffic!

With more than 100,000 crashes a year due to texting alone,

you might think people would get the hint that is just

not worth dying or killing someone over. 

Most of the phone companies have put out public service messages

on TV asking you not to text and drive. 

Also below is a graphic film produced in the UK

about texting. 


Please take the challenge "Don't Text and Drive".




We are still having some problems with residences and businesses not having addresses

on them or where they can be seen from the road, day or night! Please, post your address,

help us find you in times of an emergency. Post your address where it can be seen from the street,

day or night. If you need help with addressing please contact us at 928-367-2199.



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